Monday, February 25, 2013

Exiting news!

So I've been trying for years to release some miniatures of my own design and preferably by some of the sculptors who I've admired for years. One of those sculptors is Paul Muller, and you might know his excellent work from companies such as Otherworld, Wyrd and Andrew Coleman's Four A Miniatures.

Picture courtesy of Four A miniatures:

I've always loved Paul's recognizable and unique style and had been trying for years to get into contact with him and maybe commission a few works from him. To be honest I had almost given up untill Andy Coleman (yet him again, go check out his wonderfull range and show him some love! ;) ) passed my message onto Paul and he contacted me to see what all this was about!

We got to work and by some simple pointers Paul got to work and made some preliminary sketches. I deliberatly gave Paul lots of freedom and a minimum of directions as I think he works best if he can let his magic happen that way!

So, can you see what this will become? Please be free to guess! I will unveil more about it soon!!!

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