Saturday, January 5, 2013


So what's this all about then!? Well if you have a few moments to spare and you find it interesting, let me tell you.

I've been a gamer/painter for well over 25 years now. I guess it all first started when my parents bought me a game called Hero Quest for my birthday many years back. I always had a love for fantasy and scifi and I had been ogling the game for months in our local toy shop, intrigued by the heroes and the strange fantasy creatures illustrated on the cover of the box. I remember opening it and discovering the little plastic figurines inside and how exiting it all was. My dreams that night were filled with adventures and strange new worlds being discovered.

I've always been a bit of a dreamer and while we played the game endlessly, the most fun I had was when I was thinking up new worlds, creatures and scenarios to play with. I always kept that habit no matter which game I was playing or interested in. Later on I was introduced by a mate of mine to a game called Warhammer Fantasy Battle released by a company called Games Workshop and that was what really hooked me forever into this hobby. To this day I still admire what GW created all those years ago even though for me it has lost that special feeling which I felt in the beginning.
I still love playing games and creating 'stuff' and I've been dreaming for years about releasing some miniatures of my own design. I have had several themes fighting for dominance inside my head but I keep coming back to fantasy so that's what I've settled on and that's what I really want to do. Now of course fantasy is a pretty wide subject so in this blog I gradually want to unveil my plans for the game, background and miniatures.
Why this blog!? Well I really want to put things to paper and keep motivated! Hopefully, you, the reader (if there are any! ;) ) will aid me with some valuable feedback and maybe even pitch in some great ideas! At first I thought I had to keep everything a secret but then I had another thought and that was that it might be cool to share. Maybe others might like to tag along for the ride and be interested in what experience and process a noobie like me goes through. So I hope you join me on this hopefully not too bumpy road and witness a world being shaped!
So what can you expect from me in the coming months? Posts on the creation of the ruleset. Unveiling of the background and its inhabitants and musings in general of subjects I like and care about. Done yet you say?! NO!!! Maybe most important and what I am really exited about is that I'm about to commission some sculpts by artists I really admire! So I hope to share pics of some greens and maybe some concept art too and hopefully you'll like what you see!!!